Shaped by Form

Shaped by Form

Pools by Form Series in collaboration with Tim Lahan

FORM collaborates with leading landscape designers to create outdoor environments as distinctive and detailed as any architectural interior space. Led by a design sensibility that considers personal experiences in natural settings, FORM Landscaping delivers unfailingly elegant external spaces. Irrespective of scale and character, whether hidden behind estate walls or on show to the neighbourhood, every FORM project pursues effortless enjoyment as a vital objective. Pools by FORM capture the indescribable magic of time spent in and around water. Gardens by FORM provides expert horticultural care, advice and practical services to nurture creations for thriving longevity. Shaped by FORM.

If you would like to discuss your project please enquire:

Landscapes by Form
Mobile No. 0422 864 887

Pools by Form
Mobile No. 0422 864 887

Gardens by Form
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Platform by Form

A visual Platform to explore, inform and inspire life outdoors,
as filed by Form Director, Luke Wassell

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